Book of Abstracts

Multimodus’22 – 1st International Conference on Sound and Image in Art & Design is an academic event dedicated to sound and image studies in the context of Art & Design. It aims at bringing together researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and educators to discuss the theory and practice of the audio- visual experience, spanning from purely artistic perspectives to industry-driven endeavours.

The conference takes place at the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre. It is organized by the Department of Arts, Design and Animation, from the School of Technology and Management.

The guiding theme for this year’s edition is “The creative process: reflections on contemporary creativity”: what does it mean to be creative in the age of creativity, how ideas emerge, serendipity vs systematization, creativity-sparking rituals, ideation technologies and everything in between. For a comprehensive list of the conference’s topics, check the submit page.

The conference’s program blends scientific panels, workshops, cultural events, and social gatherings, expecting to appeal to an eclectic audience, beyond the academic walls.

The event’s official languages are English (main), Portuguese and Spanish.

These are still times of uncertainty. Although the event is planned to happen in the physical world, online participation is accepted.