Multimodus’25 – 2nd International Conference on Sound and Image in Art & Design is an academic event dedicated to sound and image studies in the context of Art & Design. It brings together researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs and educators to discuss the theory and practice of the audio-visual experience, spanning from purely artistic perspectives to industry-driven endeavours.

The event takes place on 2-3 April 2025 at the University of Évora, with some events happening at the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre. It is an initiative organized by a group of researchers from CHAIA – Centre for Art History and Artistic Research.

We are looking for thought-provoking contributions from academics and practitioners around the world on the broad topic of sound and image studies in Arte & Design, with a particular emphasis on transmedia / intersections between different forms of expression. For a comprehensive list of the conference topics, check the submit page.

The conference program is (will be) embedded with the slow-paced spirit of Alentejo, privileging quality over quantity and aiming at setting a favourable backdrop for the development of long-lasting artistic and scientific collaborations. Multimodus is thought to be both a scientific conference and an artistic/creative gathering.

The official languages of the event are English (main), Portuguese and Spanish.